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"The Omega7 is fantastic although I prefer the Alpha Rx plus name, do not know whether it is psychological, but it seemed to have an extra 'immphhh' in it. I have recommended this product to many men of all races and ethnic backgrounds. My main liking is that I am able to reach an owner of the company whenever I have a concern and get an immediate response". Survey response from customer-Derek B. 8-15-2022

What Makes Us Different

Longer & Stronger

Maintain solid, lasting erections with Alpha-Omega7 or Virility Candy.

No Side Effects 

10 years without any reported side effects. Does not force blood to the penis like PDE-5 inhibitors.


Prices to fit and not break your budget.


Boosting efficacy the Way Nature Intended

Alpha-Omega 7offers an incredible blend of herbs. These herbs are safe and: intensify sexual desire, increase sensitivity, increase Testosterone levels, strengthen erections. This solution enables men of all ages to enjoy frequent, and longer lasting sex. 

Choose Your Path


Eve's Alpha 8

 Do not let vaginal dryness, Perimenopause or Menopause
ruin intimacy.

Eve's Alpha 8 is formulated to assist in aiding normal issues causing vaginal dryness and low libido.

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Alpha Omega 7

Herbal Alpha-Omega 7 allows you to get an erection without taking a capsule before sexual activity. No taking a pill 1 hour before sex.


Herbal Virility Candy

Virility Candy is the new generation of ED products. Easy to carry with you and protected in individual easy to open wrappers. 


A better chioce is here

Live Natural offers products which are proven by customers to work and makes them affordable to every budget.

For erectile dysfunction we offer two herbal solutions. Alpha-Omega7 which enables men to maintain solid erections for prolonged periods during sex. Alpha-Omega7, unlike PDE-5 inhibitors, does not force blood to the penis, cause side effects or priapism (blood trapped inside the penis).

If you prefer a quick solution, Live Natural offers herbal Virility Candy, a marble size solution, in individual wrappers, pleasant to the taste, with no after taste. Has some of the same herbs as Alpha-Omega7, and a few different herbs.

Live Natural offers Eves’ Alpha8 for women who may be going through menopause or dryness due to other outside life events. Eve’s assist in enhancing libido and maintaining moisture during intercourse which eliminates the pain of dry sex.

Live Natural has offered products for men and women in the bedroom since 2011 with a 97% success rate. And have never applied recurring charges to your card. We feel you will purchase when the need is there, and the time is right.

Listening to customer feedback!
 Eve's Alpha 8 for her.
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