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Virility Candy

Longer lasting, even harder erections are possible. Try our revolutionary new Erectile dysfunction solution and you too may say "Wow!"

Have you missed waking mornings with the erections you had in your twenties and thirties?

Here's another chance, using herbs, to recapture that masculine feeling.

Virility Candy is the new generation of ED products. Easy to carry with you and protected in individual easy to open wrappers. May provide a strong erectile punch quickly.

Virility Candy, a pleasant tasting combo of natural ingredients, taken orally with water.

In less than one hour you should notice a rock-hard, long-lasting erection.

​Virility Candy offers you another choice to regain your strong sex drive, virility, and manliness.

Virility Candy shares a few of the same herbs as Alpha Omega7, (Ganoderma Lucidum), (Cordyceps Synesis Extract), and (Polyrachis Vicinia extract). Proven herbs which have been shown to assist men quickly and effectively in regaining virility.

Virility Candy also contains a few different herbs like Cynomorium Songaricum Extract;​ a well-known root plant, has been widely used as herbal remedy for problems such as sexual dysfunction, renal disease, and lumbar weakness.

Ginseng Extract: could Improve Erectile function, could Lower blood sugar, May Benefit Brain Function among other benefits. 

Maca Root Extract; Maca has been heavily marketed as being effective at improving sexual desire, and this claim is backed by research. 

 Price point is slightly higher than Alpha-Omega7. Both more effective than anything over the counter, with limited or no side effects, maybe you can say goodbye to PDE-5 inhibitors and products which just take your money and show no results. Try it and tell us your results.

  Customer Charles who has been with us since the beginning wrote us January 18, 2021, to say.

  “Alpha RX Plus" breathed new life into our married life ten years ago, and we’ve been faithful customers since then. I didn’t think any other natural product could ever surpass it, but Virility Candy has! Both products work well, but VC seems to have residual effects over a longer time frame. Thanks, Live Natural for another great option!” Charles S. in Virginia.

 Customer email regarding purchase of Virility Candy, response and thought on product use? Are you happy with the order?  "Yes, very happy"-Pastor Brown


Longtime customer: Fitz sent us feedback April 2021 saying, “I loved it immensely."

"Stephen K. Malaysia" emailed us to say Dear JR, "I tried the virility candy and gave some to my friends. This candy is very effective." 

All Live natural products come with a 60-day money back guarantee.

                                                                       Try Virility Candy.

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