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                                           Customer feedback-testimonials
Read what customers have to say about their results using our solutions for erectile dysfunction.

Through customer feedback in surveys, emails and contact, Live Natural has improved, products like Alpha RX Plus, which is now in its second generation, Alpha Omega7.
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Live Natural recently (February-March 2023), contacted customers as a courtesy to gauge their success or view of our products and service. Below are customer responses. 
Carlos C. California. -A07 “Product is wonderful”.
Tony S.-A07 “that stuff is wonderful. No complaints here.
Norm F.-A07 “Great Product”.
Steve K.-A07 “Everything’s all good”.  
Tommy G. Puerto Rico-A07 “Product is great. Everything is well. I even give it to my friends, and they love the product too”.
Michael D.-A07 & Virility Candy “no complaints”. 
THOMPSON A. Virgin Islands-A07 “no issues”.

In today's era of daily robo calls, not everyone is going to answer the phone, but we appreciate those who take time out of their day to respond.


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We’d like to highlight some of the feedback you have given us over the years.

 Customer-Derek B. 8-2022
The Omega7 is fantastic although I prefer the Alpha Rx plus name, do not know whether it is psychological, but it seemed to have an extra 'immphhh' in it. I have recommended this product to many men of all races and ethnic backgrounds. My main liking is that I am able to reach an owner of the company whenever I have a concern and get an immediate response.

Customer Robert S.  2011

"I was looking for a holistic answer to my erectile dysfunction. I decided to try AlphaRx plus now (Alpha Omega7), I am really happy that this holistic approach does not have any of the awful side-effects that the big pharma products list in length with their products. Thank you for a healthy solution.

Charles S. Virginia. 2013

"As a middle-aged married couple dealing with all the complexities of modern life, we had found that intimacy was one of the first things that suffered. When the time and mood was right, frequently the performance wasn't, causing even more stress in our lives. AlphaRXPlus now (Alpha Omega7), has renewed the spark!"

Cornelius E. 2021

"Yes, i am happy with your product, as I have been since we started our healthy journey. Keep up the good work". Thank you.

 David J. 2021

"outstanding results, after taking other products this is the one that works for me. alpharx plus now (Alpha Omega7), is the best. Thank you live natural!

Brian H. 2021

I’ve been buying the Omega 7 about five years .I have not been disappointed in your product. I believe you have the best one on the market.

Ron, Arizona. 2013

Yes, it certainly does work!  It works about as well as Cialis only better.  The 5mg, take daily, Cialis costs about $350 a month if you don't have drug insurance.  You bet this stuff works

Don, California 2014

"this stuff rocks! I’m a paraplegic and lost some feeling down below, this stuff gives me an erection in the morning, afternoon and night! I orgasm easier and just feel youthful with it! If it can help a guy in my situation, I can just imagine a healthy guy. You guys can never go out of business! Please! Thank you and keep up the good work!"

Kortney 2015

"I have not experienced such quick stiff and unexpected erections since my early 20's...I am thoroughly pleased."

Steve  2016

"Prior to using Alpha RX, now (Alpha Omega7), I had to use Viagra to get consistently hard erections, but now I don't even have to use Viagra!"

Bill W.  Oregon. 2017

Unbelievable, Day 1 and my first dose! 18hrs later? I get my 1st reaction! 
It was early morning and when this very strange but yet recognizable thing was going on. Honestly I laid there thinking, is this a dream, It had to be?  
No dream I decided, but what was this?  Then the light came on!  I jumped out of the bed walked over to the other side of the room to turn on the real light, and their I was right in front of my dressing mirror, And Holly Smokes!!!!!!!  A real erection.
FROM ME. Last time I saw something like this was about 10yrs. ago. After all of my excitement?  I laid back down and realized that I was only a few hrs., away from getting my 2nd dose!  And the rest of my adventure is about to begin.  
FYI, I get them daily now (erections).
Thank you Alpha RX Plus, like the old saying goes, your company is a blessing in disguise.

Adrian S. New York 2012

I have been using AlpharxPlus now (Alpha Omega7), for the past two months and have nothing but praise for your product.  
Prior to using your product, I tried several products that "guaranteed" my erectile dysfunction problems would be a thing of the past, all to no 
Then I discovered your product and my erectile dysfunction has become a thing of the past. Truly wondrous product. 
I thank you and even more-so, my wife thanks you.
Still a customer in 2021
Feedback on Virility Candy
Customer email regarding purchase of Virility Candy, response and thought on product use? Are you happy with the order?  "Yes, very happy"-Pastor Brown
Longtime customer: Fitz sent us feedback April 2021 saying, “I loved it immensely."
"Stephen K. Malaysia" emailed us to say Dear JR, "I tried the virility candy and gave some to my friends. This candy is very effective." 

  Customer Charles who has been with us since the beginning wrote us January 18, 2021, to say.

  “Alpha RX Plus" breathed new life into our married life ten years ago, and we’ve been faithful customers since then. I didn’t think any other natural product could ever surpass it, but Virility Candy has! Both products work well, but VC seems to have residual effects over a longer time frame. Thanks, Live Natural for another great option!”

Charles S. in Virginia.